2017 TC-R1 Racing Simulator Cockpit

The ever popular TC-R1 racing simulator cockpit is going through some minor but significant changes for the 2017 model.

Most notably is the switch to remote mount for direct drive wheels. The remote mount can amplify small movements and dampen the cogging from the larger motors. Primarily it aids in ergonomics, proper steering wheel placement and all around immersion. Through the end of the year we will offer the 2016 model or upgrade to the 2017 model for an additional $250. The 2017 model will increase by $250 in January 2107.

We have also lowered the height of the steering bulkhead by 3" to allow displays to be lowered if required.

Also we are offering optional aluminum side panels with pricing to be released before the end of the year. The panels offer a little more of the race car vibe and offers the customer some real estate for sponsors and graphics.

Otherwise the TC-R1 remains unchanged for 2017 and promises to be the best simulator cockpit design for the discerning gamer or the professional driver looking to improve his core skills and learn new tracks.

Whether you prefer static or full motion the TC-R1 is the ultimate racing simulator cockpit platform.




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