Coming in 2017 from FTS

With dirt coming to iRacing we have decided it was time to develop a couple dirt specific cockpits. First up is a very accurate Dirt Late Model cockpit that is actually designed from actual DLM interior cockpit panels. This will be designed to use a remote mounted OSW direct drive motor along with a proper race car steering shaft and steering wheel. Pedals will be Wilwood hanging pedals with proper DLM throttle pedal. Shifter...either single or dual lever shifter...still be engineered so not sure which way we will go yet. You will achieve no greater immersion than this DLM specific cockpit.

We are also designing a Sprint Car Cockpit that will closely emulate a current sprint car cockpit and ergonomics. Also will use a remote mount OSW with proper steering shaft and wheel angle. Pedals will be same as sprint car for brake and throttle.

Karting...not gonna leave you out. We are developing a sprint kart racing simulator chassis that also uses a remote mount OSW, proper kart brake  and throttle pedal.

Rally...designing our own hydraulic hand brake.

Sequential in the works also.

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