Fast Track Sims announces new P1-R Professional Racing Simulator

For Immediate Release: 8-1-18

Fast Track Sims announces their all new P1-R Professional Racing Simulator

At Fast Track Sims we continually strive to provide professional motorsports grade products that help enhance the immersion quality
of our simulators. Our most popular chassis, the TC-R1 remains one of the most rigid simulator chassis on the market.

It is in that tradition that we announce the P1-R, the next evolution of our most popular sim chassis. All aluminum - modular
construction allows us to provide a chassis as rigid as it's predecessor in all of the key areas but ships in a few boxes via most
common carriers. No more worries of "How do I get this off of the truck" upon arrival or the hassle of un-crating and moving into
it's new sim room.

* No give adjustable floor plate for pedal mounting refuses to flex even when subjected to the forces that can be generated
by our Real World hydraulic brake system. No flex means improved ability to control and modulate brake pressure
on a consistent and repeatable basis. This also results in improved ability to consistently hit the same braking points
time after time.

* Rigid front bulkhead for remote mounting of direct drive steering servo motor. This combined with our shaft and
bearing support design yields a system that is precise and consistent. No wasted energy or movement, everything
you put into the wheel goes to the encoder rather then some getting lost due to flex. Firm mounting of this system
means hitting your marks every time instead of "I missed the apex even though I used the same turn in point and
steering angle as last lap".

* Stiff and roomy adjustable base plate for seat mounting allows for use of just about any seat of your choice. Flex here usually
results in the inability to be consistent with any pedal or steering input. If your seat is moving around it is
impossible to gauge your input to the chassis on any sort of repeatable basis.

The importance of these areas cannot be stressed enough. Aside from visual cues, these 3 points are where we get and give all
of our information about whats occurring with the race car. This is where you become one with the car, or in this case with the simulator chassis.
We focus on these areas because they greatly enhance the quality and level of immersion as well as typically quicker and more
consistent lap times.

As part of this evolution we will be revealing our new motion platform later this summer to complement the P1-R chassis. This will
change the way you think about motion. The P1-R3 promises to bring motion simulators to the next level.

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