FTS Dirt Late Model Simulator Cockpit Breaks Cover

The most anticipated racing simulator is coming from iRacing in the form of dirt! There may be no more popular form of motorsports in the USA than the ground pounding Dirt Late Models!

We have been working behind the scenes on our dirt specific Dirt Late Model simulator cockpit...the DLM-1 which will offer the most realistic simulator cockpit available for this new offering from iRacing.

The DLM-1 uses the exact same cockpit sheetmetal from a real world Dirt Late Model along with the same driver controls...hanging pedals with hydraulic brake and our own proprietary spring based clutch master cylinder, 2 lever shifter, remote mount direct drive force feedback with steering shaft, full containment seat. It will have a partial cage with rear hoop, upper halo and topped off with the left side door sheetmetal. There will be no more immersive Dirt Late Model cockpit available for the hardcore  racer.

It will be acceptable ergonomics for any stock car simulator for guys that want to run some asphalt stock car shows!

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