Sense the heat of the road

Are you a racing simulator enthusiast with gasoline running through your veins? Do you want to feel mind blowing level of detail of the road surface and get the finest possible control of the car? If so, welcome to the future! With today’s direct drive force feedback steering wheel, player can literally sense even the change of the road temperature.

While purchasing such wheel can easily set you back $4000 or more, there has been an option to do-it-yourself for a fraction of the cost. With a lot of details to attend to, and requiring a myriad of bits and pieces from here and there, multiple discipline skills, tools, wiring, and a lot more, building a force feedback wheel from scratch can be a obnoxiously time consuming project.

However, this is about to change – right now.

Hundreds of DIY direct drive force feedback systems have been built around the Granite Devices IONI motor controller, which has been earlier funded here in Indiegogo with huge success a year ago. We studied plenty of the DIY FFB builds and figured out how to make the task of building such system simple, affordable and convenient.


We did it so you don’t have to

The ultimate solution for the next generation force feedback platform is called SimuCUBE. It is an all new professional grade force feedback controller circuit board which ties together all the crucial parts: motor drive, inputs for pedals, shifter and buttons, and the USB interface.

SimuCUBE incorporates a socket for IONI motor controller that has became the preferred choice within the DIY FFB enthusiasts around the world.


Why SimuCUBE?

SimuCUBE offers the straightest road to a successful professional grade OpenSimWheel system. Benefits of SimuCUBE in a nutshell:

Based on proven & rugged technology
Uses the smoothest, strongest and fastest motor controller on the market – IONI Pro HC
Purity of the gearless direct drive force feedback – linearity, transparency, rigidity, and responsivity
Future proof – on board ARM processor will run the FFB firmware of user choice (such as the popular MMos firmware, or a new upcoming GPL licensed open source FFB firmware)
Most compact and convenient OpenSimWheel controller ever created

A closer look

SimuCUBE integrates all the parts of OSW FFB controller that formerly had to be obtained and assembled separately. The following illustrates a SimuCUBE based controller box:


Not familiar with direct drive FFB or OSW?

See what others have thought of the system. SimuCUBE is based on the exact same components, so it will deliver same, or even improved performance compared to the existing OpenSimWheel systems. As reviewer by professionals, the OSW already exceeds the performance of commercial direct drive FFB systems.