Why Choose a TC-R1 Pro Racing Simulator

Fast Track Sims has been building custom static and full motion racing simulators and components since 2011 and continues to lead the pack in innovation and quality. Whether you are looking for a professional racing simulator for your driver training/development program or simply searching for the best gaming experience possible, we have the best simulator chassis and simulator packages to suit your needs.

What makes a great racing simulator?

1) no flex chassis for precise and accurate feedback from high force driver controls

2) ergonomics for accurate seating positions to replicate almost any real world race car seating position

3) adjustability for proper placement of driver controls

4) asthetics are an important part of the equation...not only do our systems function they also look great doing it!

5) design that allows simulator to be built for each clients needs

6) ability for use as static or full motion with no modifications to the chassis

7) triple monitor mount/stand that allows for proper field of view

Our flagship model is the TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis and is the number one choice for driver development and training. It is available in static or full motion D-Box configuration. The unique design allows for the addition of the D-Box system at a later date by simply swapping out the static legs.

The Chassis:

Functional and artful blend of precision cut water jet steel plates and tubular steel all precision tig and mig welded. Available in stock colors matte black, semi gloss black, wet black and red with hundreds of additional colors available for an extra charge.

The Steering:

Height and angle adjustable steering tray. A large variety of standard steering wheels are offered with custom builds available to replicate real world race cars. We use a high quality tight tolerance motorsports quick release hub. Motorsports quality paddle shifters are available as well as digital dash displays.

Direct Drive Force Feedback Steering:

The direct drive servo motor force feedback steering system offers the best real world steering forces available for racing simulation and can be translated to the driver in a powerful yet controlled way. We are the only manufacturer that currently offers a remote mount option for the direct drive motor. This system offers better ergonomics and allows the driver to better feel bumps along with added natural dampening to smooth out the feedback from the direct drive motor.

The Seats:

We offer racing seats from Sparco, OMP, Bimarco, UltraShield, The Joie of Seating, Richardson Racing and more. The seat is mounted on an adjustable 3/16 aluminum plate. All turn key simulators come with a 5 point camlock harness which helps the driver maintain proper seating position in the simulator.

The Pedals:

Choose from our own custom built pedals using either Tilton or Wilwood pedal boxes for the most accurate brake, throttle and clutch feel available. Our hydraulic pedals are the only ones to utilize the brake balance bar for pedal feel adjustment from the cockpit. We also offer a load cell based pedal box from H-Engineering. The controls are your connection to the car and we install only the best to give you that invaluable feedback. Mounted on an adjustable .250" aluminum plate for no flex with high load hydraulic and load cell brakes.

The PC:

The engine of the sim is the FTS Pro Sim Advanced PC which is designed and built specifically for triple monitor PC racing offering the latest components for top performance and reliability. Remote support is included with your PC purchase...invaluable support!

The Displays:

Our monitors of choice are selected for their performance capabilities rather than their size. In sim racing, larger is NOT better, performance trumps size every time. We recommend triple high performance 27" monitors offering from Asus or Dell and for more viewing real estate we move up to the curved 35" Acer Predator. All offer super fast response times and refresh rates and low lag which is the number one enemy of a simulator. Choose from FTS highly adjustable and no flex chassis mount or freestand triple monitor stands depending on monitor size and preference.

Base chassis starts at $2,695 with turn key packages starting at $18,000


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