Kirkey 88 Series Stock Car Seat

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Look no further...the ultimate Stock Car full containment seat from Kirkey

Five (5) sizes available, (14", 15", 16", 17",18-1/2"). Kit comes with black cloth cover. 18 degree layback. Easily removable cover has additional ½" energy absorbing padding for extra lumbar support. Designed to accommodate all head and neck restraints for those intense driver training sessions.   Contoured elongated bottom reinforced for added thigh and hip support. Energy absorbing padding on seat bottom. Head restraint is adjustable both vertically and laterally and uses molded high density energy absorbing impact pads that eliminates upholstery. Head restraint can also rotate down for additional peripheral vision. Fabricated aluminum connector brackets for easy head adjustment. Left side of head restraint angled and shortened to allow easy entry, exit. Right and Left leg extensions built in. Lap and sub belt openings have molded rubber grommets to eliminate belt wear. 

Includes custom mounting brackets that mount directly to seat sliders which are sold separately.

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