Rally Sport Halo Race Simulator Seat

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Ultra Shield's Rally Sport Halo Racing Seat. This is the popular Rally Sport Seat with the added Halo section, for addition support and protection. Fabricated from .125" 5052 grade aluminum, to create a very strong and durable race seat. A hardened aluminum extrusion is welded around the perimeter of the seat and seat belt holes. Available in a 10 or 20 degree layback.

Premium choice for almost all sedan type road race applications. LeMons racers, Chump racers and even Solo racers have installed the Rally Sport Halo Seat to optimize comfort, support and safety.

Made in the USA by American Craftsmen!
- See more at: http://www.racedaysafety.com/ultra-shield-rally-sport-halo-seat-57495-25-s5749525.html#sthash.B0saiyLS.dpuf

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