Driven Circuit Steering Wheel

Driven Circuit Steering Wheel

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Driven 12.9" Suede Circuit Steering Wheel


Whether you prefer door to door road course racing or single car track day and solo laps, the Driven Circuit Steering Wheel provides the driver with a soft, but secure grip. The suede covering stays cool to the touch and resists the slippery feeling that a leather covered counterpart can develop. The built in red center marker allows quick wheel alignment and provides the driver or crew a visual of actual steering input.

Driven's 12.9″ Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Steering Wheel features Finger Indentation for Added Driver Comfort, Red Stitching, and Laser-Engraved Driven Logo on Spoke.

• Weight 1.95 lbs Lightweight Aluminum Core

• Width (Outside Diameter to Outside Diameter) 12.9 inches and/or 328 mm

• Dish (Depth) Flat/Flush

• Black Suede Finish

• Red Center Marker for quick and accurate wheel alignment

• Matching red stitching throughout wheel

• Finger Indentation for added Driver Comfort

Driven Circuit Steering Wheel