Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim

GT-R2 Racing Simulator Cockpit

Regular price $1,495

GET YOUR DIRT ON! Special package on GT-R2 Stock Car Simulator.

GT-R2 cockpit, Ultra Shield economy full containment seat, seat sliders, seat side mounts and triple monitor mount. $2295 plus shipping. Email contact for questions and to order.

GT-R2 Racing Simulator Cockpit


Introducing the Fast Track Sims GT-R2 Racing Simulator Cockpit

This chassis is highly adjustable, solid, smaller and moderately priced. Will hold up to all the latest direct drive wheels and hydraulic brakes... Solid as a rock!

Seats are optional...please choose from any of our seats or use your own.

Main chassis consists of 9 precision water jet cut steel components which makes for trouble free and easy assembly!

Side plates are pre drilled to accept one Buttkicker Mini LFE on each of the 4 corners.

Accessory mount holes on left and right side steering bulkhead for speaker mounts, button box mounts, sequential shifter mounts...or other. Sequential mount is height adjustable.

H/Sequential shifter mount is adjustable fore and aft and by switching the right and left rear side plates allows for left hand shifter placement.

Keyboard mounts left or right side of chassis.

Seat and pedal tray are adjustable fore and aft.

Optional chassis mounted triple monitor mount is height adjustable as well as fore and aft. Easily positions your monitors close to the wheel base and rim. Left and right monitors are highly adjustable for proper angle and FOV. Holds up to 27" monitors.

Note: for hardwoods or other surfaces that may scratch we suggest placing the chassis on a rug or applying anti scuff material on the underside of the chassis.


Overall chassis dimensions, less seat or triple monitor mount:

length: 56"

width: 21"

height: 27"

weight: 120 lbs.




shifter mount

keyboard mount

steering tray



button box mount $32.95

front speaker mounts $29.95 each

rear speaker mounts $26.95 each

sequential shifter mount $74.95

seat sliders $84.95

seat side mounts $74.95

chassis mounted triple monitor mount $295.95

triple monitor stand $449.95




SAE wrench or socket set

SAE allen wrench set

Drill and drill bit set (drill holes for pedals)


Please contact us for shipping quotes and for orders.




I purchased the prototype GT-R2 chassis and could not be happier. This rig is incredibly solid. It's built like a tank. I have not seen any flex on any chassis surface. Despite being heavy and sturdy, its easy to move due to its compact design.

The integrated triple monitor mount is very stable. In fact, it's more stable than the floor mounted Fast Track Sims' triple monitor stand I have. Having the stand on the deck also takes up less floor space. Initially, I thought about trying to use my existing stand, but Mark gave a me a discount whereby I was able able to use some of the parts from my existing triple stand.

I'm using an AccuForce wheel and the wheel deck is rock solid.

Assembly was a breeze. Bolt the four side rails to the center posts, install the pedal and seat decks, followed by the monitor mounts and you're done assembling it. My only miscue was I initially connected the four side rails to the outside of the center posts, but when I then tried to install the seat deck, I realized that the chassis was not square, and quickly moved the side rails to the inside of the center posts and the assembly finished quickly after that.

The ability to move the pedal and seat decks makes it easy to get in your preferred driving position. I'm 5-9 and had no trouble getting a comfortable setup. Tall and short drivers will have no problems given the distances you can move the pedal and seat decks.

The most challenging task was drilling the holes for my pedals and seat. The 3/16 plate was a bear to drill, but Mark gave me some good tips and I got it done. However, I'm already dreading having to drill holes for my new pedals that I've ordered (HPP's new 3P-PRX-SE pedals).

I upgraded to this chassis from the r-Seat Evo3. I was able to mount the seat from the r-Seat using this universal side mount:

The seating position on the GT-R2 is much lower than the r-Seat, but I've quickly adjusted to it, even after having used the r-Seat for 3 years.

In short, I have no buyer's remorse whatsoever. H.W.


Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim
Racing Simulator - GT-R2 Race Sim