Oval/GT Steering Wheel

Joes Racing Oval/GT Rim


Super lightweight at 1lb. 13oz. Our Joes Racing Products aluminum rim is a perfect custom steering wheel upgrade. Available in 13" and 14" with no dish.

Carbon fiber face plates. The look, strength and lightness of real carbon fiber.

13 inputs total on the wheel. All the inputs found on the Stock GT wheel are on the custom wheel. You don’t have to give up “in sim” control to have a custom wheel.

Less rotating mass. Custom wheels are lighter than stock meaning more of the fidelity and strength of the force feed back gets to your hands right where you want it.
As shown with no QR hub.

QR hub is available as an option, Lifeline, Q1R, the AccuForce QR, the Fanatec universal hub or the Thrustmaster style QR.

Does not include paddle shifters. Carbon fiber paddle shifters add $65.
Please allow approx 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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