P1-R Racing Simulator Turn Key

Engineered To Help You Win!!

Why is the P1-R series racing simulator the best choice for driver training or the serious gamer?

1) Ergonomically correct..we closely match your real world race car cockpit with a proper seating position. Along with this we only use real world race car seats. Choose from many different road race or stock car seat options.

2) Remote mount steering...puts the steering wheel where it should be while also enhancing the steering feedback for a more realistic feel.,

3) Real world Tilton pedal box...as real as it gets throttle and brake pedal feel. Hydraulic brake allows us to closely replicate real world brake pedal feel and forces. Wilwood/Tilton hanging pedals also available.

4) Triple 35" Curved displays...offers the most realistic visual experience possible. Don't miss an apex or misjudge a competitor alongside you, your peripheral vision is not compromised with this wrap around package!

5) Simply the best combination of FTS sim specific engineered components and real world race car components. 

Includes the following

* P1-R Professional Racing Simulator Chassis with remote mount steering package and XERO-PLAY quick release, keyboard tray, shifter mount, speaker mounts, left and right dash pod, keyboard tray.

* OSW direct drive force feedback steering 

* left and right button box

* $1000 steering wheel allowance...road race and stock car options available

* $1000 seat allowance...road race and stock car options available

* 5 point camlock harness

* FTS triple monitor stand for triple 35's

* Triple curved 35" Acer Predator Z35 ultra fast gaming monitors

* choice of 6 speed H-Shifter or Sequential

* LCD dash display 4" x 6"

* FTS Tilton floor mount pedals with cockpit adjustable brake pedal feel (hanging Wilwood brake/clutch, TIlton Throttle combo available add $600)

* 5.1 Surround sound

* Sennheiser Gaming Headset

* 4 channel tactile transducer package 

* FTS Pro Sim Advance PC with latest specs for emotorsports

* Keyboard

* All cables and APC battery back up/surge protector

* real race car 5.5" clutch package and our upgrade brake system offering the most realistic pedal system available on a racing simulator. 


* OPTIONAL D-Box Gen 3 4250i motion system installed and tested $11,500

Turn Key P1-R Racing Simulators are assembled and fully tested at our shop prior to shipping. Minor assembly required upon arrival.

Crating and freight is not included and calculated separately. 


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