P1-R2 Carbon Series Test New

Professional Race Driver Training Simulator Package Our turn key simulators are engineered to help you win. The ultimate in realism for the best driver training simulator experience possible. Fast Track Sims P1-R2 Carbon Series Full motion 2dof racing simulator package offering roll, pitch motion cues utilizing a 2 actuator D-Box motion and tactile feedback system. Package consists of the following high end components for the most immersive racing simulator experience possible. * P1-R PROFESSIONAL RACING SIMULATOR CHASSIS WITH REMOTE MOUNT STEERING PACKAGE AND Q1R QUICK RELEASE, KEYBOARD TRAY, SPEAKER MOUNTS, LEFT AND RIGHT DASH POD, KEYBOARD TRAY, CARBON FIBER CHASSIS INSERT PANELS * D-BOX 2 ACTUATOR 2dof PITCH AND ROLL MOTION SYSTEM WITH EMULATED CENTER OF GRAVITY PIVOT * OSW DIRECT DRIVE FORCE FEEDBACK STEERING * LEFT AND RIGHT BUTTON BOX * SABELT 330MM FLAT BOTTOM WHEEL STANDARD * SABELT GT PAD ROAD RACE SEAT STANDARD * 5 POINT CAMLOCK HARNESS * FTS TRIPLE MONITOR STAND FOR TRIPLE 35'S * TRIPLE CURVED 35" ACER PREDATOR Z35 ULTRA FAST GAMING MONITORS * LCD DASH DISPLAY * FTS TILTON FLOOR MOUNT PEDALS WITH COCKPIT ADJUSTABLE BRAKE PEDAL FEEL * 5.1 SURROUND SOUND * SENNHEISER GAMING HEADSET * FTS PRO SIM ADVANCE PC WITH LATEST SPECS FOR EMOTORSPORTS * KEYBOARD * ALL CABLES AND APC BATTERY BACK UP/SURGE PROTECTOR Assembled and tested prior to shipping. Minor assembly required