Rally Sport Road Race Simulator Seat

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Ultra Shield Rally Sport Seat

Your seat is a very important part of your sim racing experience.

A good all around seat choice for road race or oval Sim racing.

Constructed from .125" 5052 grade aluminum.

• An aluminum extrusion is welded around the perimeter of the seat and seat belt slots to eliminate sharp edges.

• Available in 20 degree layback.

• Made in the USA by American Craftsmen!

• Full padded cover included, you pick the color. Black, Red, Blue, Gray, Purple or Striped. (Note: Purple and Striped Covers are considered Special Order items and are not returnable).


Please email or call to check availability prior to placing order.

To determine your proper seat size you will need to take a measurement of your seated hip width.

To properly measure your "Seated Hip Width":

• Sit on a table or workbench.

• Place 2 rectangular objects (ex. 12 pack boxes or concrete blocks) against each hip. How tightly or loosely you place each box/block will determine the seat fit.

• Use carpenters square against table edge and boxes/blocks to ensure accurate measurement.

• Use metal tape to measure the inside measurement (across hips)of boxes/blocks.

For example, if inside measurement is 16 3/4 inches, we would suggest a 17 inch seat.

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