TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)

TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)

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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives" - William A. Foster

What they are saying about the TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis..."This has definitely crossed the threshold from equipment to art"


Train Like You Race....Race Like You train!!

Pro Level Oval and GT style static racing simulator

Presicion TIG welded Race Car tube style sim racing chassis. Built for the ever increasing forces applied by todays driver input systems: high pressure brakes, high force direct drive wheels, sequential shifters,etc.

The Fast Track Sims TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis is built to withstand these forces allowing you to feel the full benefit of evolving driver controls.

If your sim cockpit is flexing, you are losing feedback and some of the benefits of these high end controls have to offer! Your sim chassis is a vital component in having the best sim racing experience possible.

Our unique design, allows for a very accurate race car seating position and the most realistic immersion available!!!

This is the last sim chassis you will ever need. Nothing compares to the TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis!


Why a TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis?

It’s all about chassis stability and driver ergonomics. The TC-R1 does not flex or shake and it is the most adjustable sim chassis on the market today that will fit most any race car seating configuration.

When you are a real racer and you use Sim Racing for training, you need your sim chassis to replicate your real racing environment as closely as possible. Your seat and seating position, monitor position, steering wheel position, shifter position and pedal position are vitally important to get the full benefit from Sim Racing training.

Because of this, you don’t want to spend hours in a sim that does not replicate your real race car environment/ergonomics. Don’t suffer from bad habits do to the inadequate design of your sim chassis.

We also work with our clients in driver control selection and installation in the TC-R1 to achieve the desired results.

Serious Sim racers may never see the inside of a real race car cockpit, but to them it is all about realism (immersion).Your racing simulator is your race car and you want it to be as realistic of an experience as possible.

No other Sim Racing Chassis offers as much adjustability to help achieve the desired ergonomics as the TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis.


Some of the key features:

1) Modular design allowing your sim chassis to expand with your needs and is easily customizable:

2) Standard equipment: adjustable floor mount pedal tray, adjustable seat mount, fully adjustable steering tray, adjustable outboard legs. Mounting holes in side plates for mounting mini buttkicker LFE .

3) True ergonomically correct race car seating position for oval and road race GT style racing. (Different GT and Oval Track seating options along with Tillett seats are available for prototype/layback seating position)

4) One piece main chassis design for strength and minimal assembly.

5) Primary construction with 1-1/4" round mild steel and water jet mild steel

6) Approximate dimensions: 62" long x 32 wide" x 26" high

7) Approximate weight: 140lbs

8) Powder Coated: standard colors, wet black, semi gloss black, flat black, gloss white and red.

9) High quality socket cap bolts/hardware used throughout.

10) The unique steering tray design used with our chassis mounted over slung triple monitor mount or the free standing triple mount allows proper placement of the monitors. Adjustment can be made to put the monitors as close to the top of the steering wheel box as needed to get the optimum viewing height.

11) Supports all floor mount pedals. Depending on the type of seat used and the seat height the possible exception are pedals with a heel rest that raises the foot up. This could change the proper relationship of the buttocks to the heel.

12) Supports most steering wheels and is ideal for the high FFB direct drive wheels.

13) Precision welded

14) Steering bulkhead side plates are designed with mounting locations for speaker mounts, shifter mounts, keyboard mount and more.



1) Overslung chassis mounted triple monitor mount up to 27" monitors $340.95

2) Freestanding triple monitor stand up to 27" monitors $419.95

3) Keyboard mount for Logitech k400 or similar $54.95

4) H-Shifter mount $74.95

5) Sequential mount $74.95

6) Dead pedal $49.95

7) Seat side mounts $89.95

8) Seat sliders $84.95

9) Button box mount $44.95

10) Front Speaker mounts pair $59.90

11) Rear Speaker mounts pair $53.90

12) Powder coat seat and pedal tray (light texture satin black) $100


100% Made In America!

Does not include steering, pedals shifter or Seat which are all sold separately.

Ships truck freight and can also ship ocean cargo worldwide.





What Customers are saying.

Well after about a month of use, I have no regrets spending the money on the TC-R1 chassis. It has transformed the sim racing experience completely from my old computer desk setup.
The chassis is solidly built, no wheel flex, no brake flex. Everything is adjustable so I was able to setup the chassis with four monitors, touchscreen monitor, tablet all to my liking. The adjustable wheel platform allows perfect positioning of the steering wheel as well as the brake mounts allow for perfect positioning left and right, fore and aft. I was able to adjust my brake/throttle pedal spacing to exactly where I have always wished it would have been. Something I have never been able to achieve before with any previous pedal system.
I was worried at first whether the chassis would be big enough for my 6'5" frame, but after setting everything up, this chassis could easily fit a 6'11" driver with no issues.

Brakes & Throttle:
After having used G25, TR500, Clubsport V1, Clubsport V2, CST GT-3B pedals, I must say that the Wilwood/Joe's Racing brake and throttle setup is the best that I have used to date. The throttle linkage system that Mark has developed is so customizable and adjustable I can't see anyone have a problem getting it setup to their exact liking. With the linkage system the pedal movement is so very smooth and natural and the automotive grade potentiometer has about 3000 points of resolution the way I have it setup, which provides the best throttle pedal feel that I have experienced to date.

The brakes are simply the best that I have experienced. The CST load cell pedals that I was previously using were very nice with the stiff brake pedal setup, but cannot hold a candle to the feel and repeatability of this hydraulic braking/clutch system. Once I dialed them in with the brake bias adjuster and slave cylinder dampeners I was able to set it up for exactly the brake feel I was looking for. You can adjust them to whatever feel you prefer, whether it be soft or hard or anywhere in between. My threshold braking is second to none now in the Dallara IndyCar. I can drive about 5-10% deeper into the corners in a testing at Road America. This is a large improvement for me allowing me to run my previous qualifying lap times with full race fuel. I am impressed!

The braking and throttle system just feels so natural, once you go hydraulic there is no going back!

Erick D.


 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
 TC-R1 Racing Simulator (Static)
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