Tilton Floor Mount Sim Racing Pedals



FAST TRACK SIMS Tilton 600 Pro Hydraulic Pedals


The next generation of simulator pedal systems.


No more gaming level pedals, systems based on real life racing pedals.


A new simulator pedal system that has been designed to offer real world appearance and behavior.


Hydraulic based brake system offers realistic pedal travel and effort utilizing hydraulic pressure sensing rather than travel or displacement for output to computer system.


This brake system also features the ability to remotely adjust pedal firmness / travel utilizing the brake bias adjuster from the cockpit.


Clutch system is non-hydraulic designed to look and feel like the clutch in your race car. System also features adjustable preload to increase pedal effort.


Throttle offers smooth repeatable operation with realistic travel and effort.


Pedals are mounted in one unified base for ease of installation and to ensure a rigid platform.




Systems are available in floor mount or hanging pedal configurations.




We can provide custom systems designed to emulate your race cars brake system offering our TrueBias dual sensor system to provide separate front and rear brake channels.


The brakes are simply the best that I have experienced. The CST load cell pedals that I was previously using were very nice with the stiff brake pedal setup, but cannot hold a candle to the feel and repeatability of this hydraulic braking/clutch system. Once I dialed them in with the brake bias adjuster and slave cylinder dampeners I was able to set it up for exactly the brake feel I was looking for. You can adjust them to whatever feel you prefer, whether it be soft or hard or anywhere in between. My threshold braking is second to none now in the Dallara IndyCar. I can drive about 5-10% deeper into the corners in a testing at Road America. This is a large improvement for me allowing me to run my previous qualifying lap times with full race fuel. I am impressed!

The braking and throttle system just feels so natural, once you go hydraulic there is no going back!

Erick D.


Thank you for talking with me earlier. As mentioned I bought a set of your hydraulic pedals from a Finnish team mate last month and must say I am very impressed with the feel. They feel very much like a real race car on the brakes in iRacing. I have driven Formula Renault in real life and also driven a £30,000 simulator and the pedals feel as good. Before purchasing your pedals I was using a popular mainstream high end load cell pedal set and didn't get on very well with them. I found I was locking up a lot and had to wear race boots. With your pedals I can still wear socks and the progressive feel is the best I have tried. 





1) To bleed,  Remove the caps from the master cylinders and proceed to proper bleeding procedures with using the bleeder nipples on each slave cylinder...one for each master cylinder until all the air is removed from the system.
1) the pedals are plug and play and calibrated in iracing.
2) when calibrating brake pedal use moderate pressure similar to normal braking on track...not a panic braking situation.
3) if adjusting the throttle or re-positioning the linear potentiometer be sure to always confirm that the potentiometer NEVER bottoms out at closed or full throttle. It will eventually ruin the potentiometer if it bottoms out on either end of its travel and will void warranty on the potentiometer.
4) If additional resistance is desired on the throttle pedal, a pull spring could be added.
5) The brake slave cylinder with the pressure transducer (PT) is the HARD slave...the other is the SOFT slave. There is a significant amount of adjustment can be available with the remote bias knob for pedal pressure and feel,
if more is desired the rubbers can be stacked differently and mixed but always keep the one with the PT as the hard slave cylinder.
6) For spring based clutch... to adjust preload/pedal pressure on the clutch simply loosen the nut at the front of the cylinder and screw in the set screw to increase and loosen to decrease.

7) Recommended to mount the slave cylinders horizontally in front of the pedals if pedals are not purchased with optional mounting plate.

8) Check all fasteners to insure they are tight.

9) Adjust clutch pedal travel to approximately 3-3.5" of travel.

10) Use DIView for pedal calibration if preferred.

Always be aware that the brake system contains brake fluid that could be hazardous to humans and pets or damage surrounding components or home flooring. Periodically check for leaks and loose fasteners...not unlike checking the real race car.




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